Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth
General Information
Series Ace Attorney
Type Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Logic Chess
Equipment Prosecutor's Badge
Ranking #2 Favorite Video Game Character
Miles Edgeworth is one of the main characters in the Ace Attorney series. He is ZeoSpark's second favorite video game character ranking at #2 on his Favorite Video Game Characters list.


Miles Edgeworth is a well, renowned prosecutor who was tutored by the infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma. As a result, Edgeworth resorted to using underhanded tactics to get his guilty verdicts including forging evidence and withholding testimony. However, thanks to Phoenix Wright, Edgeworth is able to turn over a new leaf and, instead fighting for guilty verdicts, he fights for the truth.

Reasons Why ZeoSpark Likes This Character

Although ZeoSpark is also a huge fan of Phoenix Wright, he likes Miles Edgeworth more for being way more mature and having a more noble nature. For example, at times, Phoenix won't help someone out until they convince him thoroughly (such as with Ema from Rise from the Ashes case of the first game where he only helped her out because she reminded him of Maya). Edgeworth, however, will NOT hesitate to help out anyone that needs help. It also helps while though he is blunt at times, he always does his best to look out for anyone despite how annoying they can be to him.