• Theguyhelping

    dear zeo

    September 10, 2016 by Theguyhelping

    iam so sorry dude  can i going to the mario wiki can you give 3 chances for i giong to mario related stuff no spam anymore  you know i working hard at the police hq 53th div  i giong watching tv i have screwed up sometimes i was drunk a month ago 2 bottles of whisky  even i have even proplems my grandpa is sick he is a ww2 veteran he have fight in france my grand pa was a gunner of the airborne no spam any more  i giong stop drinking booze i giong drink sodapop oke dude friendly greetings benjamin dixons what you giong to on 9/11  put a candle on on 19.00 oke i giong give a salute at the flagpole semper fi  even i like tails form sonic boom i giong take a visit at the house for old war veterans to visit my grandpa  next a coffee and a pie …

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